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Gilgen pallet and small-parts storage systems meet current requirements for mobility, functionality and economy. The range covers storage and retrieval equipment for pallets in aisle-bound versions. The aisle-bound version are suited both for automatic and manual warehouse operation.

For the manual installation, customer-specific adaptations to the operator’s stand (cabin) can be made. In contrast to the aisle-bound solutions, a curve and switch unit can switch between storage aisles by means of a rail network laid on the ground. The controls required for aisle switching are integrated in the stacker cranes. The non aisle-bound versions of the storage and retrieval crane are predominantly intended for automatic pallet handling and are used in warehouses where the operation permits several aisles to be served with a single unit. Our services also include the production of special designs for heavy-duty work or large loads. Small-parts units can be equipped with handling systems for a variety of container sizes and performance requirements.

Storage System

Technical data

Mobility, functionality, and economy
For pallets or trays
Stacker crane for pallets in 2 versions:
- aisle-bounded
- not aisle-bounded
Single and double mast equipment
- driving / lifting up to 4m/s
- acceleration / deceleration
Pay load up to 4.5 t
Electronic brake system (EBS) for short approach distances