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Pallet Conveying Systems

Gilgen pallet conveying systems offer logistical solutions for simple and complex material flows configurations. Whether horizontally or vertically, the systems transport pallets up to 1500 kg. For this, a variety of conveying elements such as chain conveyors, roller conveyors, turntables and transfer elements may be installed. In this systems approach, high-performance shuttle cars with one, two, or multiple-place conveyors are used. Thus with conveying speeds of up to 5 m/s and intelligent electronics your capacity requirements are optimally fulfilled. Other system elements such as pallet magasines, input lifting-stations, automatic pallet removal units, and feeding elements round out the extensive range. 

Automatic Elevator Systems

Two elevator concepts are available for the vertical transport of pallets or roll containers serving floors.
  • Electro-mechanical, operated by cable or chains, lifting height up to 30 m, lifting speed up to 2.5 m/s
  • Hydraulic, operated by one or two cylinders, lifting height up to 15 m, lifting speed up to 1 m/s.
    Both designs may be used for one or two pallets with a maximum load of 2000 kg.

    Combined and Roll Container Transportation

    The combination system conveys pallets and roll containers on the same installation. In principle, pallets with a weight up to 1000 kg and roll containers up to 500 kg are used. The conveying of one pallet or two roll containers, or two pallets or four roll containers is possible in the same allocation of space.
    For light roll container conveying – load weight 20 to 400 kg – we offer a specially developed low-cost solution with belts. Direction changes are achieved with turntables, shuttle cars and vertical links. This system is very quiet and is specially designed for the automatic loading and unloading of trucks and for use as an intermediate buffer.

    Pallet and roll container conveying system

    Technical data

    Efficient high performance shuttle cars with speeds of up to 5m/s
    Combi Conveying System for roll container and pallet up to 400 kg
    Function as buffer
    May be combined with stacker cranes, AGVs and Combi Conveying Systems.