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Monorail and Overhead Conveying System licom®

The modular system design enables an individual solution to be provided as well as cost-effective expansion.

The following basic concepts are available:

Monorail system with individually driven trolleys, switches, inclines, vertical transport and accumulating functions for small to medium-sized system.

Overhead conveying system with stationary linear motors are designed specially for the transport, buffer storage and assortment of postbags or hanging products.
This system have been primarily developed for postal applications.

Conveying System licom®

Technical data

Short transportation times speed of more than 3m/s
Space saving vertical transport
Transports, stacks, sorts and distributes unit loads like trays or mailbags
Different drive concepts for optimized solutions
licom®-s: self-driving trolley
licom®-l: stationary linear motors
Conveyance in the non-productive room below the ceiling
The licom® system may also be combined with other Gilgen conveying or storage systems